14 June, 2024

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Communications?

Regardless of your position or industry, the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is among the top skills companies seek in their employees. Employers need professionals who can clearly express their thoughts and ideas and communicate with coworkers, including giving compelling presentations and crafting well-written emails. In a LinkedIn report, …

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2 May, 2024

What Can You Do With a Marketing BBA?

While an organization’s marketing efforts often take the form of TV, film, and print advertising, many forms of marketing are more subtle. In fact, the article you’re reading now is a form of marketing, since it aims to engage your interests and provide a benefit. The breadth of marketing types …

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27 July, 2023

Effective Public Speaking Tips for Business Professionals

Whether you are speaking to employees, clients, or future investors, it’s important to feel comfortable presenting in public. That said, it might not feel easy. According to the National Social Anxiety Center, 40% of the population experience glossophobia–or fear of speaking in public–and many more may experience a level of …

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18 May, 2021

Careers in Marketing with a BS in Professional Communication Studies

In an increasingly technological age, marketing professionals look to digital platforms to expand their current customer base and delve into new markets by utilizing the advantages of digital mass media. With access to an international, interconnected market, companies can reach a far greater number of prospects than ever before, and …

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