What Can You Do with a Master’s in Communications?

19 August, 2021

Regardless of your position or industry, the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently is among the top skills companies seek in their employees. Employers need professionals who can clearly express their thoughts and ideas and communicate with coworkers, including giving compelling presentations and crafting well-written emails. In a LinkedIn report, …

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What Can You Do With a Master’s in Data Science?

6 July, 2021

As companies continue to invest in big data, it’s no surprise that careers in data science are on the rise. From 2019 to 2020, the number of job listings in the field grew 37%, and, in 2020, 67% of companies noted they were building out their data science teams. With …

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Is a Master’s in Homeland Security Worth It?

3 July, 2021

The value of a master’s degree in long-established fields like finance and education is often very clear. In many careers, professionals with a master’s degree earn a higher average salary and can more easily pursue leadership positions. But when the area of study is a newer field, one that has …

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What Can You Do With a Master’s in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs?

28 June, 2021

Many people see the university setting as the optimal place to work, but don’t know how to stand out or advance from entry-level positions into leadership roles. According to the real-time market analytics software company, Burning Glass, college administrators with a master’s degree make an annual average of $22,000 more …

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What Can You Do With a Master’s in Reading or Literacy?

20 June, 2021

Many of us take the ability to read this sentence for granted, but it’s a legitimate challenge for more than 36 million adults in the United States who struggle with basic reading, writing and math skills. Issues with literacy have both socioeconomic and psychological effects that can be detrimental to …

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Cybersecurity Specialist Jobs: The Path to a Cybersecurity Career

10 June, 2021

Cybersecurity specialist job growth shows no signs of slowing. It’s a rewarding and lucrative position, putting you on a path to a fulfilling career. What can be unclear, though, is the best way to become a cybersecurity specialist. Or how to pursue related roles in the burgeoning cybersecurity field. While …

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How to Become a Reading/Literacy Specialist

3 June, 2021

Literacy teachers help students develop skills that can enrich their lives and further their goals in a vast range of professions. In a 2019 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 82% of employers cited writing ability as an attribute they look for when considering job applicants. …

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Careers in Public Relations and Media with a B.S. in Professional Communication Studies

30 May, 2021

Public relations careers are all about sculpting the customer facing image of an organization, and the individuals that form PR teams are especially necessary in a world of constant connection and information. While PR careers are aimed toward an overall goal, the roles that help to make a brand’s or …

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Careers in Computer Forensics and Cybersecurity with a B.S. in Professional Technology Studies

27 May, 2021

When you start considering the amount of media and other information that we transmit, store and use daily, the volume becomes mind-boggling. And, as the amount of digital data grows at an incredible pace, so do the ways that it can be stolen or disrupted. In fact, in just three …

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MBA vs. Master’s in Management

21 May, 2021

With so many graduate business degree options, from the well-known Master of Business Administration (MBA) to specialized degrees like a master’s in management, it can be hard to decide which path is right for you. Some sources may lead you to believe that an MBA is best suited for someone …

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