3 October, 2023

Pivot Your Career in the NYC Market

The days of remaining at the same organization or job for the length of one’s career are long gone. In our contemporary work environment, professionals are much more likely to welcome new work, or even a complete career change. While there is not a lot of hard data on how …

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8 September, 2023

The Role of the Data Scientist in Healthcare

Data scientists are in high demand everywhere you turn, with 35% growth in employment expected from 2022 to 2032—a rate much higher than the national average. Organizations across industries are increasingly understanding the importance of finding actionable insights from data and making strategic business decisions accordingly. In healthcare, the sheer …

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27 July, 2023

Effective Public Speaking Tips for Business Professionals

Whether you are speaking to employees, clients, or future investors, it’s important to feel comfortable presenting in public. That said, it might not feel easy. According to the National Social Anxiety Center, 40% of the population experience glossophobia–or fear of speaking in public–and many more may experience a level of …

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18 July, 2023

MBA vs. Master’s in Management

With so many graduate business degree options, from the well-known Master of Business Administration (MBA) to specialized degrees like a master’s in management, it can be hard to decide which path is right for you. Some sources may lead you to believe that an MBA is best suited for someone …

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13 July, 2023

3 Methods for Success at the Intersection of Business and Technology

Continuous learning is no longer optional in a business landscape defined by constantly evolving technology and unprecedented digital transformation, social change, and global challenges. The World Economic Forum estimates that a third of the jobs around the world will be affected by this upheaval by the end of the decade, …

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30 May, 2023

Master’s in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs vs Master’s in Educational Leadership: What’s the Difference?

Careers in higher education leadership offer a variety of fulfilling roles in areas such as admissions, advising, student engagement, career services, and faculty support. In addition to essential administrative tasks like creating budgets and managing staff, professionals in this field take charge of initiatives that build stronger communities at universities …

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15 February, 2023

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Computer Science?

Despite economic fluctuations, tech jobs continue to grow as businesses embrace technological advances. According to Jeff Williams, vice president of enterprise and HR solutions for Paychex, as technology evolves, so do the expectations of tech professionals. “Today, we need people who can translate business speak to IT speak and vice …

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13 December, 2022

What Can Public Administrators Do to Expand Healthcare Access?

A healthy population is a critical component of a functional society—which is why many consider access to quality healthcare a public good. Yet in the United States, reaching health equity is a work in progress. While strides have been made in recent years, most notably with the passing of the …

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8 December, 2022

Why Cybersecurity Leaders Need Information Security Skills

To excel as a cybersecurity leader, you need a strong understanding of how to detect and prevent unauthorized access to data–you need information security skills. What Is Information Security? Information security, or InfoSec, is an important aspect of cybersecurity. The CIA recognizes the three components of information security as confidentiality, …

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