Welcome to Pace University! We are excited to welcome you to the Pace Online community. Be sure to carefully review the accepted student checklist below and take the necessary steps to prepare for classes.

Accepted Student Checklist

Pay Your Tuition Deposit

You must pay the tuition deposit before you are able to register for classes.

Activate Your Pace.edu Credentials

Follow these steps to activate your credentials:


Students sometimes receive an error message that says “Credentials not recognized.” If you receive this error message, contact ITS at (914) 773-3333 to reset your password.

Please be advised that you will need to activate your Pace credentials before you access your Pace email account or register for classes.

Access your Pace email Account

  • Access your Pace email account on the Outlook Web App (Exchange).
  • Check your Pace email Inbox at the top of your Pace Portal homepage for any emails from your instructors before classes begin. All official university communications will be sent to your pace.edu email, so you are encouraged to check it at least once per day.

File Your Financial Aid

Federal loans are offered in both a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan option depending on need. For more information, visit your specific program page and/or the US Department of Education’s Financial Student Aid website.

The University’s FAFSA code is 002791. Once a FAFSA application is submitted, accepted students will receive their financial aid package by mail approximately two to three weeks later. Students can also access their financial aid package online, directly from their MyPace Portal account. You can also view a PDF guide on how to review and accept your financial aid.

If you have been selected for verification, there may be some additional documents you must submit before your financial aid can be processed. You can view the specific documentation required on the MyPace Portal. For more information about verification, please visit our Financial Aid page.

To contact financial aid, please schedule a phone appointment using Qless or email your inquiry to open a Help Desk ticket at financialaid@pace.edu. Please be sure to specify which Pace Online program you are enrolling in to receive specific answers to your questions. To learn about BankMobile disbursements, the official financial aid distribution company at Pace, visit our Auxiliary Services page.

Register for Classes

Registration opens several weeks before the semester begins. In your acceptance email, you will receive instructions on who to contact for next steps, including registration. If you have not yet paid your tuition deposit, make sure to do so prior to communicating with your advisor.

Please check your program page for start dates.

Technology Requirements

Please review the list of technology requirements for Pace Online students which will fully prepare you for your first semester as an online student.

Purchase Your Textbooks

Books can be purchased through the Pace bookstore or through any textbook seller website.

Access Your Courses

All courses can be accessed through Classes. Courses open the first day of class so you will not see them listed on Classes until then.

Complete the Online Seminar

New students may be required to complete an online orientation. Check the program page to see program requirements.

Undergraduate Degree Completion Students

Check Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

Within one week of being offered admission, you will receive an email with a Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation (PTCE) form. This PDF document will articulate all approved and pending transfer credit that your advisor will use to assist with registration. Please note any special instructions such as the submission of course syllabi or final semester grades in your PTCE. PTCE’s will only be generated to students with official transcripts on file.

Consider Applying for PLA Credit

You may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit for life/work experience gained from opportunities such as conducting training programs, creating company manuals, extensive volunteer work, and active involvement in political campaigns and/or public performances. Interested students must first meet with your advisor in the Adult and Continuing Education Office of Adult Academic Programs and Services to determine eligibility for PLA. Contact Gregg Ramsay at gramsay@pace.edu or by phone at (914) 923 2847.

Mathematics and English Placement Exam

Some students may be required to take a placement exam for us to determine the best math and English courses for you. You will be notified by admissions if it is necessary to take a placement exam. Check your email for instructions. There is no fee for either exam.

Additional Items to Know

Student IDs (only needed if you intend on utilizing the campus facilities)

Requirements for obtaining a new ID card:

  • Students – Please bring with you a print-out of your current schedule or a paid bill from the Office of Student Assistance along with a government issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc).
  • Upload a photo, instructions available at https://www.pace.edu/auxiliary-services/one-card then email auxiliaryservices@pace.edu to schedule a pick-up time if you never had an ID card.
  • If you have lost or misplaced your ID card submit an email to auxiliaryservices@pace.edu prior to returning to campus to request a replacement.

    One Card Office Location and Hours of Operation New York City
    1 Pace Plaza – B Level
    New York, New York 10038
    Please call the ID Office at (212)346-1812 to schedule an appointment.
    Hours: Monday – Friday: 9-5pm

    All students, staff and faculty being serviced at the counter will be required to wear face coverings. Individuals waiting for service will be required to remain 6 feet apart. Partitions, floor markings, and signage will be utilized to keep the Auxiliaries staff, students, staff, and faculty safe and provide direction at the counter.

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    Student Involvement

    Whether it’s through a graduate organization or a student club, Pace students are active participants in our campus community. Click below to see some of the ways our students choose to make an impact:
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