14 June, 2024

How To Conduct Marketing Research That Improves Business Outcomes

Would you send marketing emails about retirement home options to people who have just graduated college? Or run beer commercials during Saturday morning cartoons? Probably not, because the people who would see those emails and ads are not the audience for those products.  Marketing research helps you target the best …

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2 May, 2024

What Can You Do With a Marketing BBA?

While an organization’s marketing efforts often take the form of TV, film, and print advertising, many forms of marketing are more subtle. In fact, the article you’re reading now is a form of marketing, since it aims to engage your interests and provide a benefit. The breadth of marketing types …

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3 October, 2023

Pivot Your Career in the NYC Market

The days of remaining at the same organization or job for the length of one’s career are long gone. In our contemporary work environment, professionals are much more likely to welcome new work, or even a complete career change. While there is not a lot of hard data on how …

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18 July, 2023

MBA vs. Master’s in Management

With so many graduate business degree options, from the well-known Master of Business Administration (MBA) to specialized degrees like a master’s in management, it can be hard to decide which path is right for you. Some sources may lead you to believe that an MBA is best suited for someone …

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13 July, 2023

3 Methods for Success at the Intersection of Business and Technology

Continuous learning is no longer optional in a business landscape defined by constantly evolving technology and unprecedented digital transformation, social change, and global challenges. The World Economic Forum estimates that a third of the jobs around the world will be affected by this upheaval by the end of the decade, …

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9 August, 2022

Master’s in Finance vs. MBA: Which Degree Is Right for You?

The field of finance is incredibly competitive, and candidates need exceptional qualifications to stand out. Many professionals discover that a graduate degree is a viable way to refine their skill set and get the attention of employers. There are three degrees that are common among professionals in the finance sector: …

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16 June, 2022

Your Guide to New York State’s CPA Requirements

Is certification as beneficial to your career as people claim? When it comes to accounting, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Certified public accountants (CPAs) earn higher salaries—10 to 15% more than unlicensed accountants—according to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). In New York City, the average …

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25 April, 2022

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Accounting?

Like many other professions, the accounting field had to quickly adapt to changes over the past few years. Finance and accounting professionals began utilizing mobile platforms and new technology in order to better stay in touch with their clients. In addition to these necessary changes, the accounting field has also …

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1 April, 2022

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Finance?

American workers are encountering an apparent lack of available career pathways as they try to transition into higher-paying industries. Thankfully, online education makes the skills and credentials necessary to advance into one’s dream job more accessible. Online programs make it possible for career changers and current professionals alike to boost …

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2 February, 0204

Can I Get an MBA Without an Undergraduate Degree in Business?

The prestigious MBA degree can lead to better jobs, more connections, and a higher salary. For this reason, the hype of an MBA comes from a very real place: many who obtain one find success in their chosen field. The outlook for graduates of current MBA programs continues to be …

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