30 May, 2023

Master’s in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs vs Master’s in Educational Leadership: What’s the Difference?

Careers in higher education leadership offer a variety of fulfilling roles in areas such as admissions, advising, student engagement, career services, and faculty support. In addition to essential administrative tasks like creating budgets and managing staff, professionals in this field take charge of initiatives that build stronger communities at universities …

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15 February, 2023

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Computer Science?

Despite economic fluctuations, tech jobs continue to grow as businesses embrace technological advances. According to Jeff Williams, vice president of enterprise and HR solutions for Paychex, as technology evolves, so do the expectations of tech professionals. “Today, we need people who can translate business speak to IT speak and vice …

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8 December, 2022

Why Cybersecurity Leaders Need Information Security Skills

To excel as a cybersecurity leader, you need a strong understanding of how to detect and prevent unauthorized access to data–you need information security skills. What Is Information Security? Information security, or InfoSec, is an important aspect of cybersecurity. The CIA recognizes the three components of information security as confidentiality, …

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25 October, 2022

Top 10 Online Programs for Military Service Members and Veterans

Transitioning from an active duty service member or veteran to student means you’re likely eligible for tuition discounts from the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program. But how do you take the necessary steps to take advantage of these opportunities? Thankfully, choosing the right university makes using your military educational …

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13 October, 2022

IT Careers in a New World of Work

The field of information technology evolves at the pace of innovation—and so does the threat of cyber attacks. When the pandemic first forced organizations around the world into remote work, IT teams had to figure out how to keep important data safe yet accessible for employees across many locations. Years …

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9 August, 2022

Master’s in Finance vs. MBA: Which Degree Is Right for You?

The field of finance is incredibly competitive, and candidates need exceptional qualifications to stand out. Many professionals discover that a graduate degree is a viable way to refine their skill set and get the attention of employers. There are three degrees that are common among professionals in the finance sector: …

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29 July, 2022

MPA vs. MPP: Which Degree Is Right for You?

In 2014, New York’s City Council quietly made history with the passage of laws that expanded paid sick leave and the funding of universal prekindergarten. As a result, more than 1.2 million New Yorkers had access to paid sick leave for the first time, and the number of local children …

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24 June, 2022

Master’s in Information Technology vs. Software Engineering

Technology, an industry where growth is paramount, continues to offer ample and diverse career opportunities. Businesses in nearly every field are actively pursuing digital transformation to keep up with consumer expectations and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. In addition, the rise of remote work is in part possible …

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