The Advanced Certificate in Software Development and Engineering consists of five graduate-level courses that build a foundation in software engineering best-practices. All courses are offered online. Lectures are presented live and also recorded for later access. Students will get to participate in engaging discussions with other software engineering students and take part in projects that build practical skills.

Certificate Courses

This course introduces students to economic concepts relevant to managerial decisions and the global economic environment in which firms operate. Key topics include demand and supply, elasticity, marginal analysis, market structures, economic growth and productivity, income determination, fiscal and monetary policy, and international trade and monetary systems. Students will acquire skill in applying economic concepts to complex business situations, learn to analyze economic policy issues and how these issues influence firm decision-making, and enhance their ability to analyze and communicate complex economic data.
This course describes the role of requirements in the construction and continued maintenance of software-intensive systems. It provides a broad overview of the notations, techniques, methods, and tools that can be used to support the various activities of requirements engineering, offers a framework to assess their applicability, and complements this with the opportunity to gain experience in a selection of these. The course seeks to illustrate the wider relevance of requirements engineering to everyday projects, examine the breath of skills required, and explore the many contributing disciplines.
Reliability is a key attribute of software quality. It is defined as the probability of failure-free software operation for a specified period of time in a specified environment. The course focuses on modeling, measuring, and improving software reliability. It also covers the place of dependability in reliability. This course introduces different software reliability models, which are metrics to assess and techniques to improve software reliability. It also looks at the specific roles of auditing, testing, standards, and processes in the context of quality.
Choose any two electives from the graduate level software engineering courses (SE). See a list of options here.

Total credit hours: 16

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