The nature of computer-based and online courses is completely different from the traditional classroom environment specifically in terms of modes of delivery and interaction. While online courses do offer maximum flexibility, they also require self-discipline and good reading and writing skills, as well as a willingness to work independently.

The following review has been developed to assist you in deciding if online and distance learning is for you. Please review the following questions, keeping in mind that the more you answer YES – the more likely your learning experience will be both rewarding and successful. If you find you answer NO to some of these questions, you may want to consider whether this type of learning environment will satisfy your goals and needs.

  • Are you a self-motivated learner?
  • Do you like to learn on your own?
  • Can you fully express your ideas and questions in writing?
  • Do you enjoy writing?
  • Do you have strong reading skills?
  • Are you able to problem-solve independently?
  • Do you prefer learning on your own with no “live” interaction or feedback from the instructor or classmates?
  • Do you fully understand and are you fully comfortable with “virtual” relationships that involve no face-to-face interaction?
  • Do you seek advice freely?
  • Are you willing to spend more time on an online course than the traditional classroom course?
  • Do you have good time management skills?
  • Can you meet deadlines if it’s up to you to set your own coursework schedule within a given week?
  • Can you set priorities when faced with a number of tasks?
  • Do you often find yourself completing assignments ahead of schedule?

To participate successfully, the following are the minimum technical requirements we recommend. If you don’t have access to this level of technology – you may want to explore upgrading your systems prior to taking an online class. Do you have:

  • Access to a printer?
  • Your own Internet Service Provider?
  • The ability to check email at least once a day?
  • The following hardware and software are minimum specifications to work with the Blackboard application: PC Requirements
    • Windows Vista (Windows 7 recommended)
    • 2.0 GB of RAM or higher (4.0 GB recommended)
    • 80 GB Hard Disk space (160 GB recommended)
    • An active e-mail account
    • Access to the internet through a local internet service provider
  • Macintosh Requirements
    • Mac OS 10.5.8 (Mac OZ 10.9 recommended)
    • 2.0 GB of RAM or higher (4.0 GB recommended)
    • 80 GB Hard Disk space (160 GB recommended)
    • An active e-mail account
    • Access to the internet through a local internet service provider
  • Check your browser compatibility and minimum specifications to work with Blackboard.
  • Is a computer with a modem or Internet connection readily accessible to you?
  • Is the computer equipment reliable?
  • Are you willing to log on once a day to check for messages and assignments?
  • Are you able to stay online for long periods of time?
  • Are you comfortable using email?
  • Do you know how to send and open attachments?
  • Can you use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect comfortably?
  • Are you familiar with your Internet Service Provider, and the access they offer you to the Web?
  • Do you have access to a webcam and a headset?

Students who might prefer
Distance Education Courses…
Students who might prefer
Traditional Courses…
Have excellent time management skills Work better in structured time environment
Enjoy communicating with others through list-servs, discussion groups and email Like instructional and social interaction of face-to-face classroom
Learn best by reading or watching Learn best by listening and speaking
Prefer not to drive to campus and are able to commit other time for completing and submitting the assignments Are able to commit the time for commuting and attending 3-4 hours of class per week and completing projects
Have convenient and reliable access to the internet at most times Have difficulty obtaining regular access to the internet and email
Are self-motivated Are Motivated by others
Have some computer skills and enjoy the internet Are uncomfortable using a computer
Enjoy taking control of own learning Like more direction/structure provided by instructor

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