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Graduate Certificates

After the completion of a Master’s Degree, students may seek to further develop their skills and strengthen their knowledge within a specific area of their profession. Pace Online affords graduate students with the opportunity to enhance their skills through a variety of Graduate Certificates ranging from areas of publishing, technology, education, business, and mental health. Each certificate is uniquely designed to provide a depth of understanding in the chosen field to ensure that graduates are well-prepared to succeed among a competitive workforce.

Undergraduate Certificates

Pace Online offers a wide variety of Undergraduate Certificates to align with industry needs. Pace has worked with professionals in various fields to provide certificates designed to develop skill sets and prepare students for the anticipated needs and expansion of industries. Our NACTEL certificates range from 12-20 credits and can serve as a strong foundation for students to progress to an Associate’s Degree, or as a supplemental achievement in addition to a number of degree programs in various fields.

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Non-Credit Certificates

In addition to the credited Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates, Pace Online has developed Non-Credit Certificates for students seeking to gain general knowledge, learn a skill, or to expand existing skills in a particular area of interest. In addition, non-credit certificates are also available to prepare students for a variety of certification exams.

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